Why You Need a Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management encompasses the whole procedure of welcoming, processing and monitoring guests at worksites or other buildings. 

A visitor management system is a tool used to help with this process. This can be as simple as a paper visitor management system like a log book, or it can be more sophisticated like a cloud based visitor management system. 

Software is a great way to streamline your visitor sign in process, and more advanced software can be integrated with surveillance cameras, biometric scanners, and other relevant applications.

Why Your Business Needs a Visitor Management Software

As a business, having a strong visitor management system in place is going to help you streamline visitor check in processes, and allow you to achieve more efficient workflows. 

You can efficiently manage your front desk and reception areas, with fewer queues, as well as keeping your other entrances secure. 

It gives you maximum control over your workplace, enabling you to provide employees and guests with a safe environment. 

Enhanced Safety & Security 

A high quality visitor management system can help you improve your building security, putting priority on the health and safety of your employees and visitors.

Software solutions can help you monitor access control for your visitors, and keep track of important data and visitor information. 

Certain features allow you to keep track of unwanted visitors and notify security in the case that an unauthorised visitor is trying to access your worksite. 

With a system like SkyVisitor, you can see who is in your building, get an accurate audit trail and generate an evacuation list that is up to compliance standards in the case of an emergency.

Ease Staff Workload 

Rather than a paper visitor management system that requires tedious amounts of work and leaves room for errors, choosing a visitor management software will allow you to organise your check in process better and faster. 

Your reception staff don’t have to sort through illegible handwriting, and they have access to a whole range of beneficial features that will help them complete their work efficiently.

All the data and information you need is easily accessible in real time, so you don’t have to sort through large amounts of paperwork and information to complete a small job. 

SkyVisitor provides customised reporting features that enables analysis of visitors and contractors over a period of time and make facility management easier for your staff. 

Improved Visitor Experience 

With a more streamlined check in process, you are also offering your visitor a better experience. 

They benefit from the improved security at your building or worksite, and they also get to enjoy more privacy with an online system. 

With a more efficient system, it can also reduce queue times. Visitors spend less time waiting in line, and they also spend less time at check in and out. This is a great benefit for your guests, and it also reflects well on you. 

With an online system your company will feel more modern and sophisticated, giving your visitor the best experience possible. 

Choose the most comprehensive system

Safetynet is proud to offer the best visitor management solution for your business. SkyVisitor is a comprehensive software solution that will seamlessly integrate with your existing processes. 

It is a proven solution that allows you to efficiently manage visitors through pre-registering visits, logging arrivals and departures, and producing statistical reports to monitor this activity. 

Safetynet offers a comprehensive software that is scalable to your business needs. It is a cloud based system, but on-site hosting is available if data governance prevents cloud hosting. 

You can request a demo, or learn more about this amazing software here. 

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