Why Manage Visitors?

On the face of it this may seem to be a relatively simple question. But give it some careful thought and you’ll realise that it can be more complex and that there are many challenges involved in effectively managing visitors to your premises. And also many reasons why having a watertight Visitor Management system is vital.

Each year you will need to receive and manage a variety of visitors to your premises. Some will be regular visitors whereas for others it will be their first time and they may never return. They can be attending a business meeting, making a delivery, delivering some training or they could be tradesmen undertaking works on-site.

And all will require particular access requirements while needing to be processed efficiently, securely and professionally.

Different sectors have different challenges and the management of visitors to a stadium or food premises is more complex and challenging that to an office complex.

But no matter what sector you work in, the management of visitors is vital and to help you understand all the challenges and issues we’ve developed our Four Cornerstones of Visitor Management Model.


Cornerstone One: Health, Safety, Environmental & Emergency

The Health and Safety at Work (H&SAW) 1974 regulations state that every business has a duty of care to vet and report who’s on-site at any one time and unlike conventional English law, requires you to prove your innocence. So the implications of getting things wrong are serious.

A Visitor Management system will assist you in complying with not only H&SAW 1974 but also the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (MHSAW) 1999 by ensuring that every visitor is aware of rules and regulations to which they are subject to, including their own duty of care.

A properly implemented system will ensure that the correct Health & Safety questions are asked, information displayed and agreement to abide by your policy captured. The system should also inform each visitor what they should do in an emergency and the need to report near misses, accidents, incidents and illnesses while also displaying your environmental responsibilities. And all while protecting your business and controlling your risks.


Cornerstone Two: Security

Do you know who is on your premises at any one time? Do you know where they should be and whether they should be escorted? Are they a legitimate visitor? Do they need access to fobs, keys or other equipment? How do you control the issue of these items?

A Visitor Management system should effectively manage and control contractors and visitors on-site with attendance logs so you know who they are, who they’re with and where they are at all times to meet your duty of care obligations. You will also be able to effectively screen and manage contractors attending site to ensure a safe and secure working environment, and issue and track appropriate permits and equipment required in order to carry out works.


Cornerstone Three: Data & Information Management

As we’ve already mentioned, the H&SAW 1974 regulations state that every business has a duty of care to vet and report who’s on-site at any one time. Are you able to analyse this in real time and historically?

A Visitor Management system should also ensure that visitor data is securely stored to provide accurate real-time reports and an audit trail, particularly vital in the case of a major incident or evacuation. In this way queries can be answered immediately and standard or custom reports produced to aid analysis and reporting.


Cornerstone Four: Image

Would you want to work for or visit an organisation that does not show willing concern and commitment to offering a positive and secure environment?

By utilising a Visitor Management system you will present a professional image, reflecting a caring and secure organisation. By appearing conscientious and showing concern for the security, safety and well-being of your visitors and guests you will be creating the right impression. And this can only be positive news for your reputation and brand so well worth getting right.


So with all these challenges and so much at stake, having a watertight Visitor Management system in place is vital, as is having the right processes and procedures. There are different solutions available, including software and paper-based systems, and the suitability will depend on your individual requirements.

To discuss your Visitor Management and the solutions available from Safetynet, contact our team today. 

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