Why Choose Personalised Lanyards For Your Business

Lanyards are a very smart and convenient solution for many businesses. Customised lanyards offer a whole range of advantages, whether it’s displaying id badges, a promotional product or a way to boost your security. 

Here are the top benefits of custom lanyards for your business. 

Brand awareness

Customised lanyards are a great way to get an additional bit of brand visibility for your business. If you include your logo and colours, people will start to see your lanyards and associate them with your company. 

This may seem small at first, but if all of your staff wear your lanyards, you will slowly build a strong brand visibility. Whether it’s just for work use, or they wear them on the way to work, your logo will get seen by a lot of people. 

This improves your brand awareness in the public eye, which can have endless benefits for your business. 

You can also give personalised lanyards as a promotional item to potential customers. 


Lanyards are a very convenient way to display an id card, whether it’s for staff, volunteers or student ID. 

If you need swipe access, a lanyard makes it super easy to swipe your card. Instead of fumbling around in your bag or pockets, you have the card ready to go. Additionally, they can help people remember their cards. If the card is already attached around their neck, they’re not likely to forget easily. 

Personalised lanyards can also hold other important items if necessary, such as keys or USB’s. 

Increased security 

Custom lanyards can help you with security because it will stand out if someone is not wearing one. If all your staff have custom lanyards, and someone enters the office with a different lanyard it will be very clear they are an outsider.

This can help ease staff concerns, as well as help improve security in your building or worksite. 

With different types of lanyards, you can also easily identify where visitors are allowed access to. You can colour code visitor and staff lanyards so people can quickly see if someone is in a place where they don’t belong. 

Cost Effective 

Lanyards are a very stylish and affordable option for many businesses. They’re incredibly cost effective, while maintaining durability and versatility. 

You can use your personalised lanyard to fulfil so many different duties, whether it’s holding your ID card, promoting your business or boosting your security. 

Safetynet offers a comprehensive range of lanyards available in a kaleidoscope of unique colours, fabrics, fixings and breakaway features. They are a comfortable and stylish solution for displaying visitor, staff or student ID.

A variety of plain and an extensive range of pre-printed lanyard designs are available from stock. Personalised lanyards are available to order in a variety of colours (including Pantone matched) to include your company logo and brand. 

SafetyNet Solutions can ensure that you will get only the highest quality lanyards to perfectly suit your business or brand. They also provide next day delivery for most items.

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