What is Contractor Management Software?

Contract management has long been a headache for many businesses, considering so many industries come with different compliance needs and pre-qualification requirements.

As a company, you have a duty to ensure the contractor’s safety, as well as the health and safety of anyone else who could be affected. Keeping track of all of this documentation physically is a lengthy process, filled with flaws. 

So what if you could streamline that process, saving yourself both time and money?

Contract management software is the new and innovative way to ensure that you are 100% compliant while having easy access to all the information you need to manage contractors and employees.

What is contractor management?

Hiring independent contractors is a great option when you need a specific set of skills for a project but aren’t looking to hire a new employee full time. However, it can become time-consuming to ensure you are compliant and are hiring qualified contractors. 

Contractor management is simply the system in which you keep track of all of your outsourced employees, from recruitment right through to the work they do while under your employment. 

Without a proper contract management system in place, it can result in injury, ill-health, additional costs and delays. Having a well-designed management solution will help you keep track of contractors and ensure that your site management runs smoothly. 

What is contractor management software?

Contractor management software takes all of the hard work out of managing your outsourced employees. You no longer need to worry about keeping track of piles and piles of paperwork, as it is all automated and kept safe for you. 

It helps create a more efficient workflow and processes with your contractor companies and employees.

Important data is easily available in real-time to all the relevant people, so you can easily assign work tasks to your contractors.

You can help keep track of risk assessment, contractors working hours, valuable documents and so much more with well-designed contractor management software.  

The SafeWorks solution 

SafeWorks is the software solution for all of your contractor management needs. It is an added module to the core visitor management system SkyVisitor. You get all the same market-leading features that SkyVisitor is known for, and much more. 

You can pre-plan contractors arrival with reminder emails, including questionnaires, data share, induction training information and permit reviews. Contractors and authorised staff are both able to view all of the relevant information to create a more streamlined work process. 

It helps increase the security of your buildings and worksites, with the ability to issue area restricted passes to contractors, and increase access control with pin codes and fingerprint biometrics. In addition to this, long-term and call out contractors can access a code for future visits and out of hours attendance. 

With SafeWorks, you can issue a pre-printed Work Authorisation Pass with a Safe Work Agreement and site safety information. This can easily be folded into a ‘mini safety booklet’ which is then put in a contractor pass wallet and attached to a lanyard. 

The Permit to Work requirement can be triggered by location, visitor type, job and even visitor category. You can customise your permit documents and types of permits so you can adjust it whenever necessary.

The friendly and knowledgeable team of advisors at Safetynet solutions are also always ready to help discuss any of your questions. If you’re ready to start using this incredibly well optimised contractor management system, you can request a demo today

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