What Is a Web-Based Visitor Management System?

Web-based visitor management systems are a must, regardless of the size and type of organisation that you have. In our modern economy, almost all companies require an efficient visitor management system. A cloud-based system has the ability to assist with the smooth running of business operations. Here are some of the reasons more companies are opting for web-based visitor management solutions. 

What Is Web-Based Visitor Management System UK

Cloud computing systems are application-based platforms that provide computing services including software, databases, networking and analytics all via the internet. It is specifically designed to assist users with streamlining their business processes. Cloud-based visitor management systems provide users with the ability to store and access data remotely. 

Safetynet’s SkyVisitor system offers increased efficiency, mobility, simplified collaboration and cost-effectiveness. Employees are able to stay connected with one another from any location. There are also many useful features including efficient data storage, access and retrieval. 

Why Make The Switch

Cloud computing has been around for many years now but recent events have led to major advancements, especially in data storage, security and performance. Cloud services allow you to manage your data-related needs in the most impactful way possible. Below are some of the most significant ways that cloud-based visitor management software can benefit your company.

Secured Data

Cloud-based computing solutions help to ensure data is protected and secure at all times. Many businesses report security improvements from switching to a cloud-based solution to manage visitors. Cloud implementation to sign in visitors can also make it easier to meet government compliance requirements. 


Implementing a fully customisable cloud-based solution saves companies extensive time and money in the long run. These types of platforms have the ability to grow with your business so that you don’t have to spend money on upgrades as your business expands. Switching to a cloud-based solution also reduces data storage, management and maintenance costs. 


Traditional data management systems can occupy visitors and employees time with computer and data related issues. Both of which take up a substantial amount of time and attention. Alternatively, cloud-based solutions effectively take care of all of your data related needs. This allows employees to use the time saved in other areas of the company. 
Making the switch to cloud-based visitor management software allows your company to manage visitor data at any time from anywhere. Our Skyvisitor software facilitates contactless check-in methods to ensure the optimum health and safety of all visitors and employees within your establishment. For more information regarding our products and services contact our friendly and professional team at Safetynet Solutions.

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