Visitor Passes

Visitor Passes

Here at Safetynet, we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist visitor passes and systems – from standard solutions to completely bespoke. We have over 17 years of experience in providing high-quality visitor management systems, so you can guarantee to receive the best solutions on the market.

Customised Visitor Passes with Branded Visitor Lanyards

Why manage visitors?

Employers have responsibilities for the health and safety of their employees. They are also responsible for any visitors to their premises such as customers, suppliers or the general public.

As a company, you need to ensure that visitors are aware of your Health and Safety procedures, and the correct procedures in the event of an emergency. An employer has a ‘duty of care’ to look after, as far as possible, employees health, safety and welfare while at work. This includes all visitors.


How a visitor management system can help

  • Health and Safety information can be printed on visitor systems and badges, with instructions detailing the companies procedures and exits, thus ensuring they have the information to hand in the event of an emergency, should they be separated from their host.
  • A signature can be incorporated on to the visitor system ensuring Health and Safety guidelines are communicated to your visitors to acknowledge that you have informed them of fire, accident and evacuation procedures.
  • Issue visitor ID passes: at a glance, identify and validate every visitor to your building/site, passes can be used to control vehicles or identify temporary staff or contractors.


Types of visitor pass systems

Paper visitor passes can be issued via a traditional paper system or through an electronic system such as SkyVisitor. There are various options available, so it’s always best to figure out what you’re trying to achieve (such as increased security, improved corporate image, better data protection) before speaking to one our advisors. Our team are always happy to advise on the solution that’s best for you. The most popular visitor passes used by our clients include:

  • Eco-friendly re-usable PVC card passes used with a Visitor Binder Book
  • ‘One-Write’ Paper Pass System
  • Multi-Pass Pad
  • Electronic Visitor Passes


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