Visitor Management for Stadiums and Arenas


Utilise visitor management solutions strategically


  • Accurately manage visitors, contractors, staff and stewards attending your site
  • Log issuable items such as RFID access passes, keys and radios
  • Protect your business from risk, increase security and comply with the law
  • Record and provide an accurate audit trail


Increasing Site Security

Why stadiums and arenas should consider reviewing site security on a regular basis:

In recent years, the threat of terror attacks has increased dramatically. One major incident includes that of the Stade de France attack in Paris in November 2013. This was the most significant event in France’s history.

The issue of security at high-profile stadiums and major sporting events has since gained considerable attention, resulting in an increasing amount of pressure on security staff, agencies and stadium owners.


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As stated by NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office), “there are three strong business reasons why your stadium should plan to deter such acts, or at least to minimise their impact. They are:

  • Legal obligations. In the event of an incident, your written risk assessments and plans may come under scrutiny. Health & Safety at Work regulations and where relevant the Safety at Sports Grounds legislation put the responsibility on the owner or lessee of the stadium to provide a duty of care and to ensure the reasonable safety of everyone who visits their stadium.
  • Business continuity. Ensuring that your stadium and organisation is able to cope with an incident or attack and return to normality as soon as possible. An attack on a crucial contractor or supplier can also impact on business continuity. This is particularly important for smaller stadia that may not have the resources to withstand even a few days of financial loss.
  • Loss of reputation. In addition, make sure that your organisation has adequate insurance to cover terrorist threats – consult your insurance company or broker.”


Increasing your site security with visitor management and contractor control solutions:

We work closely with you to tailor the right solution for your sites and specific needs. We can do this because we are the only company in the UK to supply the complete range of Visitor Management, Control of Contractors, Staff ID and Access Solutions, including software and print.

In SkyVisitor we have the leading global software solution with no equal. And we design, develop and manufacture in-house the UK’s most comprehensive range of print solutions.
So whether the appropriate solution is print, software or a blend of both, you will have robust platforms covering all aspects of Visitor Management and Contractor Control in order to increase site security and meet legal obligations.


Make your business work smarter

Streamline the visitor management process:

As pioneers in the Electronic Visitor Management marketplace, we take pride in offering complete innovative solutions for businesses like yours. With the use of new technological solutions such as RFID wristbands, express check-in passes and access control cards and fobs, it’s now simple and affordable to increase security and create a speedy check in process. These solutions work perfectly alongside our core Visitor Management Software – SkyVisitor – enabling you to streamline your process. With features such as pre-booking, express check-in and additional visitor notes (for that all important reminder that Mr Smith likes his coffee with 2 sugars!) there’s now more time for receptionists to provide a personal and attentive service every time, giving your business that competitive edge.

Find out more about how SkyVisitor can work for you at

The benefits delivered by Safetynet Solutions to stadiums and arenas:

  • Easily identify staff and visitors on site at your event or conference
  • Create a welcoming and professional visitor experience for every person that enters your building
  • Increase site security with visitor ID and Paxton access control
  • Pre-book large numbers of expected visitors for events or conferences
  • Improve the efficiency of visitor check in and check out – with pre-printed passes and QR express check in codes
  • Efficiently control contractors on site and ensure legal obligations – issue permits to work and request documents/certificates in advance

Client testimonials

ACC Liverpool Logo “Before working with Safetynet, we used to hand write our own version of visitor books and paper passes to issue to visitors. Not only did this pose a huge security risk, it also gave an unprofessional image to the visitors. It did not reflect the level of professionalism and service provided by our team.”

ACC Liverpool

The Roundhouse, London - Logo  

“SkyVisitor is great, it really helps to speed up our processes – our security team now track all issuable items such as radios, keys, ear pieces and access passes, all of which were previously logged on a hand written sheet.”

The Roundhouse, London

The Safetynet Customer Experience

For Facilities Managers, Quality, Safety and Health professionals and General Managers in the stadia and arena sector the use of advanced visitor management, contractor control and ID solutions must be manageable, flexible and scalable to meet the immediate and future needs of the business. Our award winning software solutions for stadia and events enables front of house receptionists and managers to record, track and audit anyone visiting site. Our expertise in visitor management extends to print solutions and consumables and enables us to objectively address the evolving requirements of organisations of all sizes.

Ease of use and management. Audit ready. Legal compliance. Peace of mind.

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