Visitor Management for Multi-Tenant Buildings: Part 1

Visitor management for multi-tenant buildings

Increasing Site Security

Why landlords and property managers should consider reviewing site security on a regular basis

In recent years, the threat to security in multi-tenant buildings has become ever more present, particularly in major cities and high traffic areas. With this comes changing expectations, from both tenants and visitors in terms of physical security and identification. In addition to mandatory requirements, it is key that landlords and property managers identify any threats or vulnerabilities and put in place current and appropriate measures. From the smallest of things such as communicating expected visitors with both the front of house and security teams, all the way up to introducing identification requests and access control biometrics in an electronic visitor management system.

Increasing your site security with visitor management and contractor control solutions

At Safetynet, we work closely with you to tailor the right solution for your sites and specific needs. We can do this because we are the only company in the UK to supply the complete range of Visitor Management, Control of Contractors, Staff ID and Access Solutions, including software and print.

In SkyVisitor we have the leading global software solution with no equal. And we design, develop and manufacture in-house the UK’s most comprehensive range of print solutions.
So whether the appropriate solution is print, software or a blend of both, you will have robust platforms covering all aspects of Visitor Management and Contractor Control in order to increase site security and meet legal obligations.


The Safetynet Customer Experience

For Building Managers, Security Managers, Health and Safety professionals and General Managers in the property management sector, the use of advanced visitor management, contractor control and ID solutions must be manageable, flexible and scalable to meet the immediate and future needs of the business. Our award-winning software solutions for multi-tenant buildings enables front of house receptionists and managers to record, track and audit anyone visiting site. Our expertise in visitor management extends to print solutions and consumables and enables us to objectively address the evolving requirements of organisations of all sizes.


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