Visitor Management for Multi-Tenant Buildings: Part 2

Smart Visitor Management Solutions for Multi-tenant Buildings

Make your business work smarter

Streamline the visitor management process

As pioneers in the Electronic Visitor Management marketplace, we take pride in offering complete innovative solutions for businesses like yours. With the use of new technological solutions such as express check-in passes and access control cards and fobs, it’s now simple and affordable to increase security and create a speedy check in process. These solutions work perfectly alongside our core Visitor Management Software – SkyVisitor – enabling you to streamline your process. With features such as pre-booking, express check-in and additional visitor notes (for that all-important reminder that Mr Smith likes his coffee with 2 sugars!) there’s now more time for receptionists to provide a personal and attentive service every time, giving your business that competitive edge.

Integrate visitor management with access control

SkyVisitor Paxton Integration

SkyVisitor seamlessly integrates with Paxton Net2 Access Control – a solution that we call SkyPax – to provide a comprehensive visitor and access control system for your building. Simply issue visitors with access control cards, fobs, pin codes and much more through SkyVisitor. This market leading solution can be scaled across multiple sites to provide complete control.



The benefits delivered by Safetynet Solutions to multi-tenant buildings

  • Easily identify staff and visitors on site relating to each tenant and host
  • Add custom check-in screens and visitor badges to incorporate both the building and tenant logo
  • Increase site security with visitor ID and Paxton access control
  • Pre-book large numbers of expected visitors for events or conferences
  • Improve the efficiency of visitor check in and check out – with pre-printed passes and QR express check-in codes
  • Efficiently control contractors on site and ensure legal obligations – issue permits to work and request documents/certificates in advance
  • Create a welcoming and professional visitor experience for every person that enters your building


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