Visitor Management for Food Handling


Utilise visitor management solutions strategically


  • Accurately manage the visitors and contractors that attend your food premises
  • Ensure that mandatory Health & Safety questionnaires are answered
  • Record and provide an accurate audit trail
  • Protect your business from risk and comply with the law


Food handling is one of the most heavily regulated sectors placing clear Health & Safety responsibilities on employers and managers alike.

The law requires “…the exclusion of anyone from entering the workplace if they have an infection that can be passed on through food and there is any likelihood of them contaminating food either directly or indirectly.” And this applies to both employees and visitors to site.

So when you consider that food businesses also have a duty of care to vet and report who’s on site at any one time, a watertight management system for all types of visitor is vital if you are to comply with the law.

Health & Safety legislation, unlike conventional English law, requires you to prove your innocence, so the implications of getting things wrong are serious. So how can you comply with the regulations and keep on the right side of the law?

We work closely with you to tailor the right solution for your sites and specific needs. We can do this because we are the only company in the UK to supply the complete range of Visitor Management, Control of Contractors and Staff ID and Access Solutions, including software and print.

In SkyVisitor we have the leading global software solution with no equal. And we design, develop and manufacture in-house the UK’s most comprehensive range of print solutions.

So whether the appropriate solution is print, software or a blend of both, you will have robust platforms covering all aspects of Visitor Management and Contractor Control. Delivering a personalised visitor experience ensuring a secure site and meeting your legal obligations; ensuring a safe and compliant visit while protecting and promoting your business.


The benefits delivered by Safetynet Solutions to the food handling sector:

  • Effectively screen and manage contractors attending site to ensure a safe and secure working environment
  • Issue contractors with appropriate permits and authorisation to carry out works to reduce your risk
  • Ensure that the correct Health & Safety and Health Screening questions are asked, and answers captured, prior to allowing the contractor or visitor on-site to ensure compliance with appropriate food sector legislation and to achieve food safety
  • Effectively manage and control contractors and visitors on-site with attendance logs knowing who they are, who they’re with and where they are at all times to meet your duty of care obligations
  • Store data securely to provide an accurate audit trail, particularly vital in the case of a major incident or evacuation
  • Benefit from 100% flexibility in updating Health & Safety instructions and questionnaires to respond to up-to-date infection information and to ensure compliance with latest food sector legislation
  • Deliver a professional, personalised and branded experience from appointment setting through to departure from your premises to enhance the reputation of your business
  • Enable company-wide audit and collaboration around the clock to ensure accurate tracking and accountability
  • Effectively screen and manage your employees to ensure adherence with food sector legislation and hygiene requirements to protect your business


The Safetynet customer experience

For Facilities Managers, Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental professionals and General Managers in the food handling sector the use of advanced visitor management, contractor control and ID solutions must be manageable, flexible and scalable to meet the immediate and future needs of the business. Our award winning software solutions for the food sector enables manufacturers and handlers to record, track and audit anyone visiting site. Our expertise in visitor management extends to print solutions and consumables and enables us to objectively address the evolving requirements of organisations of all sizes.


Ease of use and management. Audit ready. Legal compliance. Peace of mind.


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