Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Visitor Management System

Throughout the past couple of years, many businesses have reconsidered the allocation of their front desk resources to add more value and organisation to their company processes. If you’ve ever had to ask yourself who is visiting the company premises today, what are they here for or which meetings are they attending? It may be time to improve your visitor management system.

A virtual visitor management system allows you to optimise your time and resources by combining multiple administrative tasks into one single solution. Vastly improving the productivity of both your front desk team members and other employees within your organisation. 

Time-consuming tasks such as guest registration, check-in processes, managing visitors, visitor access passes and printing of ID cards can be handled automatically. This will free up your resources and improve the overall visitor experience. Here are 10 top tips for improving your visitor management system. 

  1. Making A Great First Impression

First impressions are incredibly important, which is why welcoming visitors with an innovative touchless check is user friendly and improves their experience. This allows you to provide them with any information about your business and keep them well informed throughout their journey at your office. Making a great first impression when your visitors arrive creates a sense of professionalism.

  1. Self-registration Capabilities With Instant Notifications

Allowing your guests to self-register with instant notifications sent to the relevant team members saves time and frees up resources. The reception team will be able to focus their attention on other tasks within your company instead of having to look up the relevant personnel to notify. Instead, they will be notified by either a text message or email. 

  1. Enhancing Communication

When visitors register in your reception area an employee will be automatically notified of the guest’s arrival through a cloud-based, digital visitor management system. This notification could take the form of either a text message or email. This creates a more personal experience and optimises efforts at the front desk. 

  1. Sharing Valuable Informing 

Customising your welcome message and including valuable information like guest WIFI access and directions to the meeting room creates a seamless visitor experience. 

  1. Improving The Check-out Experience 

Check-out can be handled by either the visitor or host from your business. When the meeting is finished either one can check out on their smartphone and instantly update the visitor log. There is no need to swing back around to the front desk or skip checking-out altogether as the process is simplified. 

  1. Cloud-Based Solution

All check-ins and visitor data can be stored in the cloud. These logs are accessible from within the business or remote making the administration process easier. There is also a high-security system in place with our SkyVisitor cloud-based solution.

  1. Security

For security purposes, it is vital to have a complete overview of the guests within your building at any given time. This is also incredibly important for emergencies as you are able to collate and print evacuation reports as required. 

  1. Pre-registration

It is possible for guests to check in on their phone, through a QR code as they arrive on your premises. This saves time upon arrival as well as enhances the quality of your customer service. This adds attendees to the guest list in your reception automatically instead of having to complete a sign-in sheet manually. 

  1. Integration

You can integrate visitor check-in with digital directions to help your visitors to navigate their way to the correct destination all from the convenience of their smartphone.

  1. Eliminate The Need For A Paper Trail

Virtual visitor registration protects each visitor’s privacy as they sign in electronically for the admin’s eyes only. Eliminating the paper log also prevents any errors that may arise from unreadable handwriting. 

When it comes to visitor management solutions we understand that there is no one size fits all, which is why our systems are fully customisable to suit your company. Whether you require a simple system to register and log your visitors, to improve front desk operations, or require a complete virtual solution, our friendly and professional team SafetyNet Solutions can assist.

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