The Benefits Of Utilising Software Created By Visitor Management Specialists

As a result of the current pandemic there are many ways that businesses can benefit from a visitor management system. Visitor management software has plenty to offer in the current market, many of which we will outline below. Here are the benefits of utilising software created by visitor management specialists. 

The Modern Visitor Management Solution

A digital visitor management system allows businesses to streamline and automate their visitor log and check in process. It utilises cloud based technology to monitor, track and record visitor information. A high quality system, created by visitor management specialists, improves workplace safety, saves time and enhances the visitor experience. 

Eradicates Timely Manual Processes 

The front desk is where individuals enter your premises and depending on the size of your company you may not always be able to identify visitors easily. SkyVisitor Software keeps a log of visitor data and improves your building security. With a digital cloud based visitor management system there is no need for a pen and paper log or sign in sheets, as your visitor sign in process. 

Improve Workplace Safety

As safety in the workplace is now a minimum requirement to be able to bring staff members back to the office, our visitor management system can ensure this is upheld. The software decongests the reception area, as visitors can sign in remotely. This allows you to automate your visitor check in process, whilst adhering to workplace safety. 

Increases Building Security

A cloud based visitor management system allows businesses to gain a real time insight into the visitors who are on your premises. This increases the level of security within your building. You may need to give various entry permissions to the different individuals entering your establishment and visitor management software allows you to do so. For example contractors may be restricted to certain floors in your building whereas visitors may only have access to a meeting room. 

Professional Reflection

At Safetynet we understand that first impressions are important when it comes to business. Having innovative visitor management software at the forefront of your business will impress your visitors. You have the ability to implement our software in the ways in which you require for your company. 

Cost Effective

Every business is unique and has certain goals that they want to achieve. Since the pandemic we have seen a large transition to technologies as well as virtual reception services. Efficient visitor management software can provide the perfect solution to an improved customer experience, whilst lowering costs. 


There is a lot of room for error when completing processes manually. Adopting SkyVisitor software, manages visitor data effectively and accurately. This allows your business to stay compliant and manage visitor data legally. With the highest level of security, our software streamlines the visitor management process. 

Effective visitor management software consists of innovative technology, the highest level of security, communication and analytics. There are numerous benefits of utilising this type of software within your business. From cutting out manual processes to increasing security and adhering to compliance, there is a lot to gain from our digital software. 

Our SkyVisitor software is designed to be flexible, customisable and integrates into any existing software that you already have. If you have any questions about our visitor management system or would like to implement it within your organisation submit your enquiry here.

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