Supporting MA17 Pop Up Treatment Centre

MA17 Pop Up Treatment Centre Volunteers

Last week we donated lanyards to the amazing team of volunteers at the MA17 Pop Up Treatment Centre. The centre has been set up by the charity Heads Up at 53 Tib Street, Manchester and is open 10am to 6pm daily.

Around 70 Mental Health Professionals have been trained in techniques designed to help people cope in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. The techniques used are aimed at preventing people from developing post-traumatic distress order.

In addition to the Pop Up Treatment Centre in Manchester, the charity is preparing to open 2 Pop Up Centres in London.

Jo, one of the volunteers coordinating the event said “thank you so much they arrived and are perfect. We are off to launch in London today after Saturday nights attack. We are adding your companies logo to our sponsors list. Companies like yours have helped enormously and for that we are so so grateful.”

Take a look at the great work they’re doing–13113499


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