SkyVisitor Visitor and Contractor Control

The number one choice for complete visitor and contractor control


Safetynet Solutions is the home of SkyVisitor. We are the longest standing Visitor Management Service. Because of this, we invest in continual development to ensure we meet each client’s needs in a fast-changing world so that we aren’t just the oldest but the best too.

Streamline the visitor check-in process with the most comprehensive visitor management software available. This proven solution enables you to efficiently manage your visitors and contractors; pre-registering visits, logging arrivals and departures, and producing statistical reports to monitor activity.

Safetynet believes that in order to deliver an exceptional visitor management system you need to focus on four key elements.

  • Security
  • Health and Safety
  • Data
  • Image

SkyVisitor is designed with these four elements in mind to ensure you get the best out of our services. To ensure the success of the secret fifth element, the client!

SkyVisitor is a cloud SAAS – we also offer on-site hosting for your business if data governance prevents cloud hosting. To ensure your needs are met no matter what.

Whilst Safetynet are proud to manufacture millions of one-write visitor pass systems, we recognise that software can offer so much more in each of these areas.

SkyVisitor is a scalable solution, specialised for your sector… be that multi-tenanted buildings, to flag-ship HQs; food handling factories and depots to shopping centres, NHS Estates and everything in between.  This powerful software is currently used by hundreds of businesses across the UK and worldwide to improve the efficiency of their facility management services.

Key Management Module/Issuable Items

SkyVisitor works with Omnipost for mailroom, NET2 for access control, active directory for secure user management and much more. We pride ourselves on the adaptability of our product.

SkyVisitor can assist with GDPR compliance, streamlining processes and allowing you to focus on more important things.

A Fully Flexible Solution

We can supply to as many sites as required. Our strength lies in the sheer scale we can operate on to suit your needs. The software can be scaled to suit your budget and business needs. Extra features can be added, such as data integration for increased functionality as well as multiple receptions and site locations.

Customised Interface

Incorporate your own company branding, relevant health and safety information and visitor instructions for a professional and informative system.

Easy to Use, Easy to Access

SkyVisitor provides seamless user adoption and encourages forward development while reducing user feedback issues. The system can be used on any device (PC, tablet or mobile) providing universal system integration ensuring you see maximum returns on investment.

Increased Security

This digital system allows you to see who is in your building, provides an accurate audit trail and can generate an evacuation list in the case of an emergency which will satisfy your compliance manager.

Improved Management

SkyVisitor provides customised reporting features to enable analysis of visitors and contractors over a period of time and make facility management easier.

Outstanding Support

Receive unlimited telephone and remote support from our Technical Support Team.

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