SkyPax – Access Control


Where Visitor Management Meets Access Control


We are proud to work with Paxton as our preferred partner in building access control. With SkyPax, we can deliver a simple and quick way to protect your building and its’ assets from theft and malicious damage by issuing staff, visitors and contractors with access only to the parts of the building they are authorised to, at the times you control.

SkyPax is able to register visitors and issue them with an access token or pass details to their mobile phone to access building control systems with ‘Near Field Communication’. These passes can be fully customised with all the access points of the building and can be de-activated or barred with the Net2 control system.There is much more to Paxton technology – such as reductions in energy bills, minimised wastage and green credentials. The system can also be used to autonomously manage lighting, heating, water, air conditioning and other electrical equipment. This means that the system can very quickly pay for itself in some installations.

To find out how Paxton access control can bring savings to your business, simply give our staff a call on 01270 508 550 or use our contact form to discuss your requirements.

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