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Staff ID
We provide various ID accessories specifically tailored to the NHS, including ID cards, clips and attachments, cardholders and wallets, yoyos, and lanyards with multiple safety breakaways.

Control of Contractors and Permits to Work
To help with the control of contractors, we provide a complete solution. Contractor passes can be made permanent or temporary, with the option to print them on site. These can be used with both our stock printed lanyards and contractor wallets.

Our One-Write printed Contractor pass and Authorisation to Work system enables you to: maintain a register of authorised contractors on site, issue specific and clear ID for the contractor to wear, ensure contractors have given commitment to rules and regulations, record the authorised work location and type of work to be undertaken and prompt for additional Permit to Work where needed.

These One-Write paper based systems can be personalised or purchased off the shelf and are suitable for areas where a PC is not practical.

SkyVisitor – Electronic Visitor Management
Streamline the visitor and contractor check in process with our market leading software. This proven solution, specialised for use in the NHS enables you to efficiently manage your visitors and contractors; pre-registering visits, logging arrivals and departures, and producing statistical reports to monitor activity.

Self Check In Hardware
Enhance your reception area with SkyTouch, an automated self-service virtual reception system. This gives you the flexibility to diversify hardware, from a desktop tablet adjacent to the receptionist to a wall mounted unit or a floor standing kiosk.

Access Control and Visitor Management
Paxton Access Control Integration as ‘SkyPax’

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Where Visitor Management Meets Access Control

With SkyPax, we deliver a simple and fluid interface for Net2 to easily and efficiently provide area restricted passes to visitors and contractor as well as assigning new tokens to staff.
Visit SkyVisitor.info for more information.

Car Parking Permits
We supply standard and bespoke identification for authorised parking. Parking permits are manufactured as either a windscreen display, self-cling permit or scratch off hologram.

Safety Signs
For efficient management of your NHS building and to help improve safety we can supply you with a wide range of signage.
We stock the full range of safety signs, from hazard, prohibition and traffic management to general information signage.

Benefits of Using Safetynet’s Solutions

Efficiently manage visitors, contractors & patients
Our paper based and electronic solutions enable you to efficiently manage your visitors and contractors; logging arrivals and departures. Patients are able to check in upon arrival and view instructions on the screen. The system can also produce statistical customised reports to enable analysis of visitors, contractors and patients over a period of time.

Improved safety
All of our NHS products are supplied with safety in mind, helping you to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Our visitor management systems allow for easy record keeping of visitors, contractors, patients and incidents as well as including easy to access fire register sheets.

Increased security
Dramatically improve the security of your building with SkyPax Net2 Access Control: Issue area restricted passes to staff and contractors and install door entry systems with pin codes and finger print biometrics.

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