Safetynet Visitor Writing Boards

Safetynet Visitor Writing Boards

If you have a paper visitor sign-in system at your premises, you will know that a visitor writing board is a stylish and professional way to store and present your sign-in system at reception.

What you may not be aware of is the added functionality of Safetynet Visitor Writing Boards that make refilling of the paper systems easy and straightforward.

How our Visitor Writing Boards work

All of our writing boards have sturdy metal pegs that align exactly to the punched holes on our paper systems. In addition to this, our Visitor Writing Boards have strong retaining clasps to securely hold the paper systems in place.

To insert a new paper system:

1. Fully open the Visitor Writing Board

2. Insert the new paper system between the two metal plates

3. Fully close the outer clasp

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To remove the paper system:

1. Open the outer clasp

2. Push the upper metal plate away from the paper system to eject it from the Visitor Writing Board

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ITM-00006450_01Visitor Pass System and Writing BoardITM-00000564_01
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