Safetynet Terms and Conditions


a) All orders are accepted by Safetynet Solutions Ltd. subject to these Conditions.
b) Where special conditions contained in the Buyer’s Order Forms are:
i) at variance with these conditions, Safetynet Solutions Ltd.’s conditions shall prevail.
ii) in addition to these conditions, the Buyer’s conditions shall not apply unless expressly agreed
otherwise in writing by Safetynet Solutions Ltd. in which event any such agreement will apply on the
particular order concerned, except where Safetynet Solutions Ltd. agrees otherwise.
c) All orders are despatched ex-factory and all amounts invoiced are due within 30 days of invoice
d) Safetynet Solutions Ltd. offers trade credit facilities subject to the receipt of satisfactory trade
references and/or the obtaining of satisfactory credit references from an established credit reference
agency. Safetynet Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to refuse or withdraw such facilities at any time.
e) Safetynet Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to share its trading details with established credit
reference agencies.


All orders are subject to final acceptance by the Company.


All orders are accepted with the understanding that invoices will be rendered at the prices prevailing
at the time of receipt. Prices are subject to change and are based upon published price lists and will
be accepted accordingly.


Carriage is charged separately in line with our prevailing published tariff.


Delivery or despatch dates cannot be guaranteed. An honest and sincere effort will always be put
forth to meet your requested delivery date(s). The failure to meet this date(s) on an order does not
constitute sufficient reason for cancellation or refusal of the final finished product. All agreements for
deliveries and acceptances of orders are contingent upon strikes, accidents, fire or flood damage or
any other cause beyond our control.


a) Orders accepted by Safetynet Solutions Ltd. cannot be cancelled by the buyer without Safetynet
Solutions Ltd.’s consent. Such consent will only be given on terms which will fully indemnify Safetynet
Solutions Ltd. against loss arising from such cancellation.

b) Goods supplied by Safetynet Solutions Ltd. cannot be returned or exchanged without Safetynet
Solutions Ltd.’s prior consent. Such consent if given will be on the following terms:
i) The buyer will provide the number and date of the relevant invoice.
ii) The goods must be in perfect condition and in unbroken packages.
iii) A 15% re-handling charge will be made.
iv) The return of the goods must be requested by the buyer within thirty days of the invoice date
(unless the goods were incorrectly shipped by Safetynet Solutions Ltd.).
c) Imprinted or special made-to-order items will not be accepted for return under any circumstances.


No liability will be accepted by Safetynet Solutions Ltd. in respect of any claim arising out of damage
to goods in transit. Safetynet Solutions Ltd. may however in its absolute discretion agree to
compensate the buyer in whole or in part in respect of any such damage which is proved to have


The following trade customs have been in wide use for years and have been adopted by Safetynet
Solutions Ltd..
a) Quantities delivered:
Overruns and underruns of special made to order printed products not to exceed 10% of the quantity
Invoicing shall be for the actual quantity within the 10% limit.
b) Negatives and plates:
Negatives, positives, plated and other items, including images and designs created by Safetynet
Solutions Ltd., shall remain our exclusive property.
c) Quotation:
Quotations are only for work according to the original specifications and a detailed copy must
accompany the request. If, through customers’ error, or change of mind, work has to be done a
second time or more, such extra work shall carry an additional charge at prevailing rates for work
performed. Factory quotations are limited to acceptance within a sixty day period or less upon
d) Customers property:
All customers’ property that is stored with Safetynet Solutions Ltd. is at customers’ risk, and Safetynet
Solutions Ltd. is not liable for any damage or loss. It is understood that the gratuitous storage of
customers’ property is solely for the benefit of the customer.
e) Warehousing and call-off orders:
Where orders involve warehousing for subsequent delivery, the following conditions apply:
i) the first delivery must represent at least 20% of the total order.
ii) if all goods have not been called-off within 16 months of the original order, then disposal
instructions will be requested and any remaining goods will be due for immediate payment.
iii) if no disposal instructions are received, then an ad valorem charge of 1.5% per month will be
made and the goods will be destroyed after 3 months.


The minimum order value is £20.00. If an order is placed below this value it will incur an
administration charge increasing the value to £20.00.


A charge may be made to cover any additional work involved where copy supplied is not clear and


Proofs of all work may be submitted for customer’s approval and the printer shall incur no liability for
any errors not corrected by the customer in proofs submitted. Customer’s alterations and additional
proofs necessitated thereby shall be charged extra. When style, type or layout is left to the printer’s
judgement, changes therefrom made by the customer shall be charged extra.


Payment of all sums due by the buyer to Safetynet Solutions Ltd. shall be made within 30 days of the
invoice date and interest will be paid by the buyer to Safetynet Solutions Ltd. and on sums
outstanding beyond this period at the calendar monthly rate of 1%.


Ownership of goods referred to on our order confirmation and invoice remains with our company until
paid for in full.


It is the Company policy not to accept any payments in cash for amounts exceeding £500. Cash is
defined as notes, coins and traveller’s cheques in any currency. This policy does not apply to
payments made by BACS, credit card, cheques or any other electronic method of money transfer.

January 2016

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