Temperature Screening Kiosk

£ 2,495.00

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  • Check temperatures accurately within (+-0.5 degrees Celcius)
  • Facial Recognition for Access Control
  • Facial Recognition for Time & Attendance
  • 1-Second Detection
  • Plug & Play
  • Contactless Testing

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Help your business determine the presence of an elevated temperature in employees, visitors, staff, students and attendees who are entering your facility.

The temperature screening kiosk features infrared thermal imaging to detect the presence of a high temperature quickly and accurately and its contactless design further ensures maximum defence against germs and viruses and is the best way to ensure staff and visitors do not unwittingly introduce germs and viruses to the workplace.


Check Temperature

Check the temperature of every individual arriving on-site. Record the checks for reporting purposes. Accurate within (+-0.5 degrees Celcius)

Facial Recognition – Access Control

Grant access to authorised users and automatically open a door using facial recognition

Facial Recognition – Time & Attendance

As well as taking temperatures, register employees for accurate time and attendance reporting.

1-Second Detection

Taking a temperature and sign in an individual in just one second

Plug & Play

Simply plug in the temperature screening kiosk and immediately start checking temperatures.

Contactless Testing

No contact with an individual is required whilst checking a temperature, simply walk towards the kiosk.

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