Keep Up With the Changing Workplace Demands

It’s not a secret that the past few years have completely changed how we function and operate in the workplace. From extended lockdowns, working from home and then the eventual return to the office, it’s been a turbulent time for many. 

It’s more important than ever to invest in strong safety solutions for the workplace, in order to both remain GDPR compliant, and to give your employees the peace of mind of a secure workplace. 

Safetynet Solutions offers you both software solutions, as well as physical equipment and supplies to make sure your workplace is safe, secure and compliant. 

Our working lives are sure to change again in the future, so here are some ways to keep ahead of the changing demands. 

Visitor Management Software 

Visitor management software is more essential now than ever. With the Skyvisitor software, and access control system you can streamline your check-in process, reducing lines and securing your building or worksite. 

You can pre-register visits and generate statistical reports to monitor activity. You can use the software to allow employees to access the building with their own customised ID cards, helping improve their safety and security, while reducing unnecessary exposure and contact with others.  

With skyvisitor you can also add on the contractor management system, helping you with contractor control. 

As a cloud based software, the digital check-in process helps eliminate the need for physical paperwork. This can keep your reception staff safe, as well as your visitors and other employees. 

Sky Touch 

Our fastest check-in experience so far! Sky Touch is a flexible add-on to the Skyvisitor software, allowing you to check-in visitors on a tablet or mobile device at reception, with a QR and mobile ID check-in. 

Sky Touch offers the following benefits and features:

  • Contactless access
  • Speedy check-in 
  • Configurable for multi-tenanted and single-tenanted buildings
  • Customised login screens
  • Health & safety info for visitors

Covid 19 Supplies UK

Safetynet Solutions offers a whole range of supplies to help you manage the ongoing pandemic. 

Our temperature screening kiosks are great to be used in addition to our visitor management software. 

These kiosks can;

  • Check temperatures accurately within (+-0.5 degrees celsius)
  • Facial recognition for access control 
  • Facial recognition for time and attendance
  • 1-second detection
  • Plug & play
  • Contactless testing

We also provide essentials such as disinfectant, hand sanitiser, maks & other forms of PPE to keep you and your employees safe.

Safetynet Solutions is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to keep your workplace safe. Whether it’s ID Accessories, printed material or software solutions.

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