Is your Visitor System GDPR Compliant?

Update your visitor system to show compliance with GDPR

The average time for a business to become fully compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR) is 9 months. With so many things to consider to become fully compliant before May 2018, you’ll need to think about where your business is in the compliance process and what the associated risks are with getting it wrong.


Maintaining a Visitor Management System

Employers have responsibilities for the health and safety of their employees. They are also responsible for any visitors to their premises such as customers, suppliers and the general public.

From 25th May 2018, the Data Protection Act (DPA) will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meaning that your business will have an increased responsibility to ensure you are managing and storing data compliantly. This includes how you manage visitor and staff sign in processes which is arguably one of the most vulnerable areas to GDPR.


Reviewing your Visitor System for GDPR Compliance

Before GDPR comes into force, all data collected by your business, including visitor and contractor information will need to be reviewed. Protecting their information is important and ultimately your responsibility.

A visitor signing in book that allows for information to be viewed may not be compliant with GDPR.


How Safetynet Can Help

We are specialists in the manufacturing and supply of visitor, contractor and staff identification and as such can supply solutions from basic starter paper systems to contractor management software.

If your visitor system does not comply, or you are looking to review your process and system, we can assist you. Our cost-effective visitor management solutions ensure your business implements the right process, supporting you in becoming GDPR compliant.



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