ID Card Design Software For Increased Security

In this day and age companies are being driven to increase resources allocated to improving their ID cards due to advances in reproduction technology. To improve security measures and reduce fraud, many companies are developing innovative ID cards with improved security features. At Safetynet Solutions we understand that every company has unique needs, which is why we design ID cards catered to your specific needs. Here is an insight into our ID card software for increased security. 

Simple Yet Secure

The higher the cost doesn’t necessarily mean high security. An ID badge full to the brim with security features may be just as vulnerable as one without. Most experts agree that a couple of advanced security features will suffice for optimal card security. At Safetynet we offer a range of features that secure ID card data from alteration or substitution.

Recruit Security Professionals

Engaging a team of security experts, such as the team at Safetynet, will assist with secure ID card production. With a thorough understanding of threat analysis and associated risks with the custom ID printing process, our security professionals provide assured ID card systems. Our skilled designers generate the optimum balance between overt and covert features to minimise cyber and visual security risk. 

Multiple Levels Of Protection

Safetynet ID card programs offer multiple levels of protection to all companies that invest in our products. Depending on the fraud risk associated with an ID card, designs will include features that provide sufficient protection. For example laser engraving with an ID card printer permanently alters a photo ID card and vastly reduces the threat of tampering. 

Innovation And Change

In today’s society technology moves quickly as does fraudulent activity. Criminals are able to reproduce ID cards if they aren’t reproduced within a time frame of a few years. It is expected that companies will change their ID cards within a 5-7 year period in anticipation of these threats. It is important to stay ahead of the determined criminals with the most effective smart card technology. 

At Safetynet we have leading technology to create the most secure ID cards for your company. We offer a variety of different ID cards that can be designed to meet the particular needs of your company. Our services include card printer systems as well as visitor management and identification systems. With combined expertise in the identification and visitor management industry, you can rest assured that you are in safe and secure hands with Safetynet. For more information regarding our products and services contact our friendly team of experts

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