How To Overcome Security Threats With Secure Data Management

Data protection is more important than ever with most individuals utilising connected devices in their daily lives. Data security is the process of protecting sensitive data from being accessed without authorisation. This has always been an important factor that has been heightened by the current health crisis.

With more people using online and remote methods, there are more opportunities for security breaches and unauthorised personnel gaining access to sensitive information. There has been a significant increase in cyber attacks over the last year. Therefore improving information security and employing security best practices is essential. Here is how to overcome security threats with Skyvisitor, secure data management, from Safetynet.

Why Is Network Security Essential?

Data breaches have large repercussions for your company, especially financially. With the largest financial cost being a loss of business, as a direct result of data loss. It can also significantly impact brand value and equity. A situation like this can affect your brand for years to come and some may never fully recover. 

Common Threats 

People commonly associate threats to data security with hackers breaking into servers but it more often than not comes down to adequately implementing security training within your employee training. Compromised credentials and cloud misconfigurations were the two top causes of data breaches last year.

Teaching employees how to actively identify phishing emails and other socially engineered attacks would reduce data breaches by nearly 20%. With that said technologies and security tools are still incredibly important when it comes to protecting your business data against security threats. 

Data Security Technologies 


This is a process that verifies a user’s login details to make sure it is actually them. This is a frontline defence when it comes to unauthorised access to sensitive data such as personal and credit card information. 


To access encrypted data you need the encryption key, which scrambles sensitive information with an algorithm and it can’t be read by someone without the key. This ensures that if someone else gains unauthorised access to information they won’t be able to use it.

Best Practices For Data Security

An effective data security plan has many components all working together in real-time to make sure that data is safe. Here is a step by step guide for optimum data security.

  1. Secure Your Information
  • Manage access to sensitive data
  • Encrypt everything
  • Protect user data at the source 
  1. Prepare For Threats
  • Test systems
  • Train your employees
  • Incident response plan
  • Data recovery plan
  1. Delete Redundant Data
  • Regularly clear out unused data
  • Destroy physical records
  1. Complete Regular Audits

Training your employees and encouraging the right behaviours has a massive impact on the security of your data. They are the frontline for your data security and can help to ensure breaches don’t occur. Creating an efficient and effective user experience for your employees can assist in this area and is exactly what our Safetynet secure data management software can offer your business. 

A simple yet effective user experience is much easier for your employees to use and follow cybersecurity best practices. With Safetynet secure data management software you can rest assured that your data is being held at the highest level of security available. Our secure data management system, Skyvisitior has been created to prioritise the security of your data as well as your customers. 

We are constantly innovating our Skyvisitor software to create the best possible defence against cyber threats. Contact us today for more information about secure data management software for your business. 

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