How Lanyards Can Benefit Your Business

Often people don’t stop to think about the little things that make doing business easy, such as lanyards. As a result, they end up being undervalued, despite how much benefit it can bring to your organisation or business. 

Lanyards are a small and affordable way that you can give your employees and guests a better experience while interacting with your business. 

There are many different types of lanyards, and they all come with different price ranges and benefits for your business. 

Plain Lanyards

While a plain lanyard may not seem very fancy, it offers a lot of functionality and convenience. It can be used to easily hold an ID card for quick access, making it easier for staff to swipe for access when moving through your building. 

It can double as a way of displaying your staff’s identity to other employees and customers. With an ID card being shown clearly around someone’s neck, it can offer a more professional look, and display a more professional appearance. 

Wearing a lanyard can also reduce the risk of your ID card being lost, stolen or forgotten. 

Safetynet solutions offer a range of different coloured plain lanyards. These lanyards come with a plastic breakaway fitted as standard. This breakaway means that the lanyard will snap apart if it comes under too much pressure, meaning the person wearing the lanyard won’t be pulled or choked if the lanyard is grabbed or snagged. 

While a plain lanyard may not be very personal, it still offers a lot of benefit to your business, and it’s a very cost effective option. You can even order different colours and then colour code your employees lanyards based on their roles for that extra versatility. 

Pre-printed Lanyards

If you want a lanyard that offers a more specific function, a pre-printed lanyard can be a great option for many businesses. 

This can help offer more enhanced security as you can give specific employees lanyards that denote their positions, such as Security and First Aid. 

It’s also a great option for events, with VIP, Volunteer and Visitor lanyards available as options. 

Safetynet solutions also offers lanyards printed with other text such as NHS, Temporary, Staff and Contractor. These lanyards give you all the function and convenience of the plain lanyards, but with a little extra personalisation. 

These pre-printed lanyards are designed to be very durable and comfortable to wear, with a range of different colour options available. 

Custom Bespoke Lanyards

A custom, bespoke lanyard is a very smart and versatile solution for your business or organisation. 

Custom lanyards can have extra functions added on, such as extra attachments for USBS, keys and badge reels. 

A personalised lanyard can be customised to match your businesses colours and company logo, making it a very simple and effective marketing tool. You can even give them away as a promotional product at events to promote your business. 

This extra bit of brand awareness may not seem like much, but slowly over time it will build up and have a larger impact than you realised. 

Custom lanyards can also be even more secure and safe than other types of lanyards. If all your staff have custom lanyards, and someone enters the office with a different lanyard it will be very clear they are an outsider.

This can help ease staff concerns, as well as help improve security in your building or worksite. 

Safetynet Lanyards

Safetynet offers a comprehensive range of lanyards available with a range of different features and customisations. They are a comfortable and stylish solution for displaying visitor, staff or student ID.

SafetyNet Solutions can ensure that you will get only the highest quality lanyards to perfectly suit your business or brand. They also provide next day delivery for most items.

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