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We’ve talked about contractor management software, so now it’s time for material contractor management systems to shine. Contractors frequently come and go from businesses and software can only do so much for the physical safety and productivity of onsite visitors.

Contractor management is a great way to stay organised and effectively register and regulate who enters the premises and for which reason. Having a contractor management system in place also allows businesses to ensure contractors agree to onsite regulations and obtain permits to work in potentially hazardous environments in order to fulfil contractual obligations.

Visitor Log Book

Before anything else, contractors should sign in through a visitor log book. 

Log books are an efficient way to maintain security by keeping a register of who is visiting the business and for what purpose. They log check in and check out times, names, contact details, and a reason for visiting. 

Unlike digital visitor logs, physical log books won’t disappear in the event of an internet or power outage, and won’t store any sensitive information in a cloud where there is potential for it to be hacked.

We sell visitor log books here for £16.99.

Permits and Passes

Contractor permits and passes ensure the visitor has acknowledged the rules and restrictions of the site and accept them prior to entering. They allow the contractor to gauge an idea of what to expect while also protecting your business from any potential risks. 

A wide range of permits are available here starting from £6.00, covering everything from confined spaces to window cleaning. 

Safety passports in pad form are available here starting from £25.00.

Clearly Labelled Lanyards and Protective Wallets

So, the contractor has checked in and obtained a permit. Now, it’s time to get them set up with some sweet accessories that make it obvious that they are just visiting. 

Lanyards are not only a totally trendy fashion statement, but they also enable the wearer to clearly display their identification in a convenient, hands-free manner. Pair the lanyard with a protective clear PVC wallet and there’ll be no mistaking who they are and what they’re on site for.

Lanyards and protective wallets are available here, starting from £1.60.


For more information on safety solutions and contractor management software, you can read more here or get in contact with us by emailing sales@safetynetsolutions.co.uk.

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