Best ID Card Design Software

ID access cards have become an important part of the check-in process for many businesses. They help you to streamline check-in for both staff and guests and can help you increase the security of your building. 

Your ID cards carry out multiple different essential functions, so it’s important that you design them well. Safetynet Solutions offers only the best ID card design software on the market, so designing your cards is simple and easy. 

We offer multiple different software programs because we are aware that not everyone has the exact same needs when it comes to printing cards. The best ID card system is going to be the one that fits your unique requirements. However, there are still a few key features that make our software the best. 

Easy to use

The software we supply you with is very user friendly and intuitive to use. EasyBadge, for example, has a modern, clean interface and is the most user-friendly card printing software on the market. It operates using a simple wizard-driven interface and comes with advanced support features such as an interactive help system. 

Our other software, eMedia CS2 is a windows-based, integrated application that allows you to design and print cards within minutes. It is great for a whole range of different plastic cards such as membership cards, bus passes, bank cards and customer loyalty cards. 

Customisable to your needs

If you just need a more entry-level card, such as a simple photo ID or student ID, without any card encoding, then a more basic software might better suit your needs.

However, if you need a more advanced card, with a magnetic strip or other forms of security and access functions, a more advanced ID card maker software will help you design the best custom ID for your business. 

The great thing about our software is that it allows you to completely customise your cards to be as basic or advanced as you need. 

Offers security

We know how important your security and safety is, that’s why we make sure our cards are up to all the best standards possible. Safetynet Solutions is on the cutting edge of GDPR compliance and can help keep your digital IDs safe.

We also have the ability to encode cards to be used as access cards. We are fully capable of providing industry-standard methods of encoding such as Paxton, HID, PAC, Mifare and TDSI. 

If you don’t need any photo identification, just an access card, we also offer a variety of extremely robust key fobs. 

If you don’t want to design your own cards, but still want ID badges that will meet all of your standards, our dedicated ID bureau team is happy to assist you with all your needs. We offer pre-printed cards, as well as unique card designs printed by Safetynet.  The team can also help you with the purchase of a new card ID card printer system and with implementing badge design software. 

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