Benefits of Visitor Pass Printers For Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management Systems help you to streamline your check in process, by automating visitor management tasks, and helping you pre plan for guests. 

However, if you truly want to take full advantage of the amazing features you can find in this software, then access cards are a great idea. 

Having your own, on site card printer is going to help facilitate this process, and give you a whole range of other benefits. 

Improved Safety and Security 

Badge printing on site for your business is a great way to improve the security and safety of both your employees and your visitors. 

For your internal staff, you can have personal ID badges that show identification, and give them real time access to their relevant workspaces. 

With printed out ID cards, you have far greater access control in your building or worksite. You can limit who is able to enter certain areas, and keep track of where everyone is. 

It will also be much easier to identify a security breach, because if someone does not have their badge it will stick out. 

Manage your data efficiently

With visitor management software, you can store visitor data in an easier to use system.

Paper based systems can be great, but once your business reaches a certain level, they can become quite time consuming to manage. 

By using ID Cards, you can quickly and easily log all the visitor information that you need, including photo ID if required.  

Unlike a signing in book, which relies on each visitor to neatly and accurately fill out their information, a digital system can keep track of that information in a more simple and efficient manner. 

If you need to find information on a particular guest, you have an easy to access and search database. You can even sort your guests by types of visitor, or any other criteria you deem necessary. 

Improved Visitor Experience

By having your own visitor pass printer, you can help improve the experience of your guests and employees.

Instead of having to wait around to get their access card, you can pre register their arrival and print out their pass ready to go. 

This will make workflows quicker, as there will be less time wasted with waiting, and more time to get work completed. 

Having your own ID card printer can also improve your professionalism, and give people a better view of your business. A well designed ID card will make your employees look presentable, and create a more seamless experience for your visitors. 

Improved Guest Privacy

Using an ID card system can help improve your visitors’ information privacy. 

Visitor information can be encrypted and stored securely. You can easily keep all basic and needed information on their ID badge, and store other information such as signatures and qualifications privately in your digital archives. 

A good visitor management solution will also help you keep GDPR compliant, so that you are following the law. This can be difficult to achieve when using a paper system, but software paired with ID badges can make this a much simpler process. 

There are many different visitor pass printers available on the market, and you can explore a whole range of high quality options at Safetynet Solutions. 

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