All the benefits to having a Temperature Screening Kiosk in the workplace

We’re now two and a half years into the COVID-19 pandemic and the world is finally starting to return to normal. Concerts are no longer being postponed, isolation mandates are being eased, and workers are heading back into the office after working from home. 

Even prior to the pandemic, workplaces were ravaged by colds, flus, and stomach bugs each year, almost like clockwork. The introduction of COVID-19 only added to the list of horrible transmittable illnesses that workers could pick up from spending hours in close contact with colleagues.

It is impossible to erase all contagious diseases and viruses, so the best bet is to do everything you can to protect yourself from catching them. Incorporating a Temperature Screening Kiosk into the workplace is a great place to start.

Our Temperature Screening Kiosk can be placed at the entryway of any office or building and will act as a first defence against introducing viral illnesses that may harm the welfare of employees and decrease productivity.

So, what does it do?

Checks Temperature

First and foremost, the Temperature Screening Kiosk is a temperature-checking device that is accurate within 0.5 degrees celsius. It assesses and records the temperatures of each individual that passes by using infrared thermal imaging. It then creates a report that can be referred to for monitoring and evaluation.

Facial Recognition

There are two ways that facial recognition works with this device: access control, and time and attendance. 

The first way, access control, works by recognising authorised employees or clients and granting them automatic access if they are within an acceptable temperature range. This eliminates the need for lingering around and enhances safety against the transmission of viruses.

The second way, time and attendance, registers employees time of arrival and reports their attendance for the day. Keeping track of the time frames and attendances of employees helps for contact tracing should a viral illness make its way into the workplace.

Fast Detection

While most temperature gauges take a few seconds to deliver a reading, the advanced technology in our Temperature Screening Kiosks means temperatures can be recorded and delivered in a single second. Yep, that’s right – one second. It simultaneously registers the individual’s attendance making it one of the smartest and fastest defensive devices in the world.

Plug and Play

Setting up the Kiosk couldn’t be easier – just plug it in and you can start recording straight away! No time will be wasted on waiting for the device to boot up, no need to input details over and over again, just connect it to a power source and be on your merry way. 

Contactless Testing

One of the key words of the pandemic would have to be contactless. Prior to the uprising of COVID-19, contactless usually referred to tap-and-go payments such as PayWave. Nowadays there are contactless sanitising stations (which we also sell!), contactless delivery methods, and of course, contactless Temperature Screening Kiosks. All you need to do to have your temperature read by the kiosk is approach the device and smile. Okay, okay, the smiling part is optional, but what’s not to smile about when you know your business is doing all it can to protect you from the yuckies?


Safetynet Solutions is the answer to all your COVID-19 business needs. We supply everything from masks, PPE, and sanitiser and sanitising stations to signage, wipes and handheld temperature devices.

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